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Gelusil Antacid|#DoctorV/SDaadi

This campaign set out a little war between age-old granny's home remedies and a doctor's recommendations on TV and
social media.
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GearS2 Launch

The task was to launch Gear S2 successfully amongst its target- adventurous millennials. So we decided to reach out to them where they literally live - Instagram & Facebook. We created two real time characters, who fell in love real time on Instagram with each other. The campaign started 5 days before Valentine's day and each day we revealed their love story through pictures, videos & gifs with a seamless product integration. The love story climaxed on the Valentine's Day and Samsung outdid its own expected target in a span of 6 days.

Every piece of our work

has a lil bit of us in it .


(translation-You're such a bad girl/boy)

We all grow up with a certain belief system of the society and caregivers. Often this conditioning clamps our wings in our early years. If we get clogged in these shackles of the society, we repent rest of our lives. And if we do what we feel is right, society labels us as 'Bigda hua'. This campaign empowered the adolescents of India with the confidence to listen to their own hearts, stand for their own will and giving them a voice that its ok to be 'Bigda hua' if it comes to taking decisions of life - career choices, marriage etc. #DefySocialNorms #DefyGenderNorms


KITKAT| An ode to all the breaks


Galaxy J2 Launch- Johnny Boy



Nestle Milky Bar Campaign. Sr. Creative Director Shoneeka
Nestle Milky Bar Campaign. Sr. Creative Director Shoneeka


#SunIsCalling| Suncare Range

VLCC Campaign, Sr. Creative Director Shoneeka
VLCC Campaign, Sr. Creative Director Shoneeka


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